Pashchimanchal Campus Pokhara Emerges Victorious in BIC Hackathon Version 3

The third edition of the BIC Hackathon Version 3, hosted by Boston International College and named Pashchimanchal Campus Pokhara, clinching the top spot. The national hackathon competition, featuring 16 colleges across the country specializing in computer engineering, showcased innovative solutions and talent.

Tourism Promotion Excellence: Pashchimanchal Campus Pokhara, secured the coveted title by developing the best tourism promotion software specifically tailored for Pokhara. Program Manager Regine Bhandari highlighted the project’s success in crafting a software solution that earned them the championship and a noteworthy cash prize of Rs 35,000.

Runners-Up: The second-place accolade went to United Technical College of Bharatpur, awarded a cash prize of Rs 25,000. Meanwhile, a student from the organizing institution, Boston International College in Bharatpur, claimed the third spot, adding another layer of achievement to the event.

Innovative Offerings: The hackathon featured diverse entries, showcasing the prowess of participating universities in developing cutting-edge software. Notably, Boston International College’s students developed a private software akin to ChatGPT, covering study materials, assignments, and other student-centric necessities.

Category Winners: Forbes College of Bharatpur received accolades for developing the best software related to community medicine, earning the university student a cash prize of Rs 5,000.

Overall Enthusiasm: The event attracted participants from various universities specializing in information technology and computers. The participating groups were tasked with creating software solutions in areas such as tourism, health, agriculture, education, and development research.

Diverse Participation: Among the participating universities were Oxford University of Technology, Virendra Multipurpose Campus, Lumbini ICT Campus, Presidency Business School, United College, and many others. The competition highlighted the collaborative spirit and innovation within the academic community.

Hackathon Essence: The term “hackathon” combines “hacker” and “marathon,” symbolizing the intellectual endurance and programming prowess of participants. These social coding events, where smart programmers collaborate to develop solutions within a limited time, serve as platforms for fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.

Continued Success: This marks the successful completion of the third edition of the BIC Hackathon, solidifying Boston International College’s commitment to promoting innovation and excellence in technology. The college has previously organized two successful hackathon competitions, showcasing its dedication to nurturing talent in the tech community.

In closing, the BIC Hackathon Version 3 stands as a testament to the thriving tech landscape in Nepal’s academic institutions, with Western Campus, Pokhara, leading the way in pushing the boundaries of innovation.


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