Undergraduate Program

Bachelor Of Business Administration

Outstanding Academics essential business experience

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Boston International College is a four- year, 120 credit-hour program of Pokhara University. The program aims to prepare students as professionals who have knowledge, skill, confidence and motivations to perform competitively in organizations of the modern age.

The BBA program is a practical and valuable means of gaining a business qualification that provides an exposure to the challenges of doing business in a global context. The program has wide coverage of conceptual inputs and has emphasis on practical applications that familiarize students with the overall functioning of organizations and their interactions with the total environment within which they operate.





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As the BBA program is designed by the Pokhara University to produce professional managers providing them sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in various areas of business, Boston International College will try its best for the same. Since, the academy has highly professional and scholar team of the teachers, management and sophisticated infrastructure hence we believed that it will easily meet its goals and objectives. Again, the academy after running BBA program aims to:

  • Prepare students to start professional career in business or public management at entry level managerial positions.
  • Inculcate positive attitudes, abilities, values and skills that are indispensable for a socially responsible and competent manager.
  • Provide students with a better and broader perspective of the world, society, business and life by combining the study of social sciences and humanities with the study of business and management.
  • Develop a habit of critical and creative thinking in students.
  • Develop analytical and problem solving abilities in students.
  • Improve communicative and presentation skills of students.
  • Familiarize students with contemporary concepts, tools and techniques of management.
  • Deepen the knowledge and sharpen the expertise of students in a given functional area.
  • Prepare students as sensible and responsive citizens with a high degree of professional, social and ethical values.
  • Prepare students for higher studies (Masters level programs) in the areas of management, economics, information systems etc.