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Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a general management degree taught from a global perspective that prepares students for a range of management careers. MBA offers a comprehensive understanding of business and management functions. This course helps students to learn leadership and entrepreneurship qualities, and develop their problem-solving and analytical skills, which are much required in today’s competitive and complex business world to be a successful management leader and entrepreneur.

 The MBA in BIC is affiliated to Pokhara University. MBA is a two-year program with six trimesters. For successful completion of the degree, a student is required to earn 66 credit hours by successfully completing 27 courses and 4 practicums and graduate seminars. Of the total 27 courses, students are required to take 7 foundation and analytical tool courses (18 credits), 10 cores and functional courses (20 credits), 2 capstone courses (6 credits), 4 concentration/ specialization courses (8 credits), 2 electives (4 credits) and graduate research project, internship, seminars, and other projects (10 credits).

In addition to the foundation and core courses, students are also required to choose a specialization stream and select 4 courses in that stream totaling to 8 credits. The courses in the specialization area intend to develop a high degree of competence in the chosen area and are offered in the 4th and 5th trimesters/terms.

Objectives of the program

The main objective of the degree is to provide participants the opportunity to enhance their professionalism. It aims to imbibe a sense of the strategic outlook to management problems in students. The emphasis, therefore, is on management as an integrated process and requires the students to develop a global view of economic, technological, cultural and political environment of business.

The program specifically intends to:

–   Develop resourceful individuals capable of addressing the challenges of the 21st century.

– Broaden the career prospects of participants by imbibing a strategic outlook in them.

– Enhance their initiative and employability by developing their professionalism.


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Master of Business Administration

Bharatpur-10, Hakim Chowk
Chitwan, Nepal


Jagdish Timilsina
[email protected]


Sun – Fri 7:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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