Message from Research Director

Greetings from Boston International College!

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the platform of research at Boston International College. I feel pleased to share some of my opinions relevant to research in management.   We are now living in such a condition in the country, where a huge foreign debt, uncontrolled inflation, and continuous devaluation of the national currency have pushed brain migration and poor governance practices.

Despite all these challenges, we  have a hope of economic prosperity in the nation. As citizens of the nation, we are obliged to move forward in building a strong nation. To contribute and establish a milestone in the area of research, BIC has established a research environment in the college, establishing an exclusive research department having a team consisting of an advising body and also executive heads who are focused on developing and maintaining a research-based learning environment in the college through management research activities including project work, academic & industrial research works, a periodic publication of research journals, research training, and research conferences on a planned basis underlying established standard operating procedures.

B-RD emphasizes involving the BIC human capital in research along with collaboration with different institutes, thereby achieving research excellence and contributing as a research partner to the national and industry level. We hope that your attitude toward maintaining excellence in research shall be addressed by enrolling your time in the research department without worrying whether you will be able to move forward in the research environment. Further, we also believe that we shall be able to create a space for helpful reference to society to make the right decision.

Best wishes for our research environment.

Post Raj Pokharel

The Director, BIC-Research  Department

Academic Biography for Post Raj Pokharel

Mr Pokharel is the Head of the Research Department at Boston International College (BIC), affiliated to Pokhara University.

He has earned PhD from Pokhara University and M. Phil in Management (Finance specialization) from Tribhuvan University. His research interests lie in the area of finance and economics. He has collaborated actively with researchers in several other disciplines of management, spirituality, and pharmaceuticals. Pokharel is equally obtaining corporate management experience since 2008.

Pokharel has served on roughly forty conferences and workshop programs and served as the Session Chair for APEF 2018, Singapore. Pokharel has published more than 20 papers (in different international, national, local, and open access journals). He had served as Asst. Prof. in Finance and also Quality Incharge for SAQS accreditation at Kathmandu University School of Management in 2016. Now, Pokharel currently serves as the Chief of Editorial Board of BIC Journal of Management.

Pokharel is the instructor for a Graduate Research Project at Boston International College and an instructor for financial management, international finance, working capital management, research methodology, and strategic management for the MBA  at BIC.

About Us

Boston Research Department (B-RD) is a research department of Boston International College, Bharatpur, Chitwa. It aims for higher achievement in academic and institutional sectors promoting research activities.  To contribute and take off towards a milestone in the area of management, B-RD emphasizes involving the BIC Human Capital in research along with collaboration with different institutes.

The research department of Boston International College targets continuous development in its activities involving faculties, enrolled students, and collaborated members.  B-RD is set up to enrich student experiences and shape graduate destinations. It plays a vital role to maintain the relationship between students, faculties, and external organizations as well. Similarly, it increases the overall understanding of the internal and external environment and helps to cope with the future pandemic. Boston Research Department (B-RD) is simply a pool of knowledge.  

Boston Research Department (B-RD) have successfully conducted two national-level conferences and have access to the research libraries and research tool including professional to GRP students.

About Conference

1st BIC National Research Conference – 2021

2nd BIC National Research Conference – 2022