This is a program unique to Boston International College. Although the solution is unique, it addresses a problem so rampant in Nepalese college education system that most stakeholders, educationalists, students and parents have given up even trying to solve. But we at BIC, chose to tackle that problem head on.


The problem in college education

Students graduate from college but one of 2 problems occur:

  • They can’t find jobs easily
  • Even if they land a job, they are not able to perform well enough to rise quickly up the corporate ladder

On the other hand, employers complain of these 2 issues:

  • “Students have got high academic scores, ok. But this is not what we need. We need students with skills, proper working attitude and presentability. So even if we have vacancies we keep them vacant.”
  • “Even if we hire them to give them a chance, they fall short of our expectations, leaving us where we started: unable to grow as a company.”


Then there is the misconception of what success is where hundred thousand students apply for government jobs and bank jobs where positions are so few and where thousands of SME’s don’t even get enough applicants.

Ultimately we have to admit that most of the graduates of a bachelor degree, will not move on into academic careers so our current mission to make them excel in academics alone, is a zero sum game.


The partial solution

This problem has been addressed in many forms by various college, including BIC in earlier days. They included programs like:

  • Extra curricular activities
  • Guest speakers from the corporate world
  • Workshops and seminars

However they did not answer the problem in its full extent. This is where the concept BCCP came in.

BCCP: The Complete Solution

We started with the end in mind. What could we do now to help our students succeed in their careers? How can we equip our students with more than an academic degree?


We designed a framework that consists in the first phase of:
1. Series of management workshops:

This program increases leadership, communication, presentation, and soft skills needed to succeed in the job market
2. Compulsory voluntary job in SME’s in the region:

This program will give students experience and ability to link real life problems with academic solutions at an early stage of career. This will increase their analytical skills.

3. Compulsory building of a company:

This program will help those who seek to become entrepreneurs through a structured approach to leading a company.

4. Strict code in grooming:

This program will make students highly presentable in any situation.

5. Daily reporting system:

This program will develop the highly desired quality of any employer which is accountability.

Besides this BCCP has devised systems following which students will be able to achieve more in terms of academics too.

Also we will be adding more structure and objectivity to our current good practices like:

  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • Internship
  • Tour
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Guest speakers from the corporate world
  • Workshops and seminars
  • CSR

BCCP Training Models

Students of different semesters are going to be benefited from following management soft skills training sessions