Boston Life

Boston International College organizes regular events through each semester which help the student enrich the corporate understanding apart from a theoretical understanding.


Boston Events

Beyond the books Boston teaches the way to learn from events in real corporate exercise.

Boston College emphasizes not only on the classroom teaching method but also focuses on the extra-curricular activities to enhance the managerial skills of the students.

Student Activities

Student Organizes different event with their own initiation and they enrich themselves to fit according to the corporate world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Not only on educational activities and extra-curricular activities boston students are active in different CSR activities for the societal benefit.

Friendly Environment

The faculty community at BIC is a healthy amalgam of full-time and eminent visiting faculty. BIC is committed to being a socially responsible and friendly learning institution and the faculty as well as management plays a pivotal role in driving this objective by making classroom and library facility available to students beyond our regular college timings the students can have access of both till 5:00 pm in the evening along with that teachers at BIC provide regular guidance and take extra initiative to teach students facing difficulties in certain subjects at no extra cost and beyond the regular classes.

Boston Experience

Boston International College established in 2009 is now recognized in global arena with its high international and national linkage with corporate sector and management practiconers.  As a leader in management education, the college has pioneered change in the sector.

International Level Management Competition

Boston Endeavor

It is a student started “International Level” event that aims to bring about positive changes in the way of
learning. This event is not a one-off but a revolution that is catching speed and earning a reputation in various business schools throughout the globe. Endeavor is a platform to perform against the brightest brains of the country and make your own mark.

Boston Fiesta

Boston esta is also another student initiated event where all the Bachelor and Master level students come up together and organize the fair. Students present and sell dierent products, and also conduct musical performance.

Knowledge Sharing Session

Knowledge sharing session is a regular program organized under Boston Leadership and Entrepreneurship Club which is a students’ initiation for the leadership and entrepreneurial skills development. Students invite guest speakers from different corporate organizations and prepare a platform to exchange their ideas regarding the contemporary management issues and challenges in the corporate sector.

Acoustic Evening

Acoustic evening is a musical event organized by students on new year eve evey year. All the students and faculties of the college are invited to take part in the event. Students welcome the new year with
melodious songs. This event also aims to create a harmony among the students and faculties in the college.

CSR Club

At BIC, we consider utmost importance to all the aspects of corporate social responsibility and encourage our students to actively participate in activities to make them feel and own the responsibility towards the society. 

ECA Club

BIC believes that extracurricular activities are important for the development of students’ physical, emotional, social and moral competence. The club is where students prepare themeselves to go extra-miles in their professional and personal life. It conducts dierent programs: sports week, acoustic evening and many other activities.