Internship & Job Placement

BIC strives to assist our students with their career and future goals. Through an internship, we provide students with exposure in the real working environment. An internship program, which is one of the academic requirements to complete the MBA program, is structured with three credit hours. BIC has developed a corporate collaboration with different partner organizations with a focus on internship and placements. Students are required to go for an internship in an assigned organization for a period of 10 to 12 weeks. Students are required to present the Internship Project Report in the prescribed format. The evaluation of the internship shall be based on presentation of the Internship Project Report in a seminar and also by the concerned organization supervisor.

International Internship Opportunities

BIC provides opportunities for MBA students to gain work experience abroad by undertaking an internship in a foreign country. The college has already arranged placements in different countries including Singapore, Indonesia (Bali), China, India and the United States. The international internship provides students a complement of knowledge in choosen field.

Job Placement

The College provides on-campus placement through a college job fair. Our MBA graduates have been regularly recruited in different organizations/corporate houses: MAW, Teach for Nepal, Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd., Unilever Nepal Ltd. and other financial institutions.

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