Fee Structure (MBA)

Amount required at the time of admission (NRs.)

Termwise Payable

Total Fees for MBA: 639,000/-ย 

Note: The above trimester fees should be paid in equal two installments: at the commencement of the trimester and at the end of each trimester.


Scholarship Scheme

  1. Merit-based Scholarship
  2. Alumni Scholarship


  • The fee structure does not include university charges. The current university charges are as follows;
    • Program registration: 4,000.00 (One time)
    • Educational Program Development and Implementation: 1,000.00 (Per year)
    • University affiliation: 5,000.00 (Per year)
    • University examination: 3,000.00 (Per trimester)
    • Graduate Research Project: 10,000 (in the final trimester)
      Total for 2 years: 44,000.00
  • The University fee is subject to change as per Universityโ€™s policy.
  • Deposit is refunded only on completion of the program.
  • All amounts are in Nepali Rupees.