Best IT Colleges in Chitwan

Information Technology (IT) uses computers and various networking devices to store and retrieve data and information. In the present context, in almost every sector, IT has been introduced and embedded. This implies that the demand for IT professionals is increasing in almost every field. 

After completing +2, students are in a dilemma about which college to choose for the undergraduate program. Moreover, the right choice of college plays a vital role in shaping an individual’s career. Nepali technical colleges offer different variations to IT programs in Nepal. Some of the popular IT courses in Nepal are BSc CSIT, BIT, BIM, BCIS, BCA, and  BCE. Among these, BSc CSIT, BIM, BIT are the courses offered by Tribhuvan University, BCIS is the course offered by Pokhara University, and both the universities offer BCA and BCE. IT colleges affiliated with Nepalese universities offer 4-year bachelor courses, but some colleges affiliated to foreign universities might offer 3-year IT courses. 

When we talk about IT colleges in Chitwan, there are fewer colleges than that of Kathmandu. Boston International College, affiliated to Pokhara University, offers Bachelor in Computer Information System (BCIS) course. It is the only college in Chitwan that provides BCIS course affiliated to its university. When choosing the best IT college, the opinion might differ from one person to another. 


Personally, whenever I had to say my view regarding the best IT college in Chitwan, it would be Boston International College (BIC), with no second thought. Along with the two management programs, the college also has been providing one of the demanding IT courses BCIS i.e Bachelor in Computer Information System. With the increasing scope of IT, the college offers a program that integrates the knowledge of computer science and technology with proper management skills  required to work effectively and efficiently in the real world. As a result, students will be able to explore their creativity and skills in the real world. 

As most of us have heard from our seniors that what we learn and what we have to do in the office are different. So as not to face such problems in future and bridge the gap of industry-academia gap, the BIC has been continuously organizing classes for non-credit courses which allows bridging the gap between industry and academics. The BCIS program provides contemporary concepts, issues and practices of management and leads us to enhance our skills information systems and technology, which we need to develop a management information system. Other IT colleges are entirely focused on IT only, but we need equal knowledge of management and IT to flourish in the near future. If we have a degree with no practical skills, the degree is of no use. 

At present, Computing has become the third pillar of science, along with theory and experiment. A well-stocked library, extra tutorials, project work, BCCP training, dedicated club/department for student growth, and a peaceful academic environment make Boston even better than others.  

Kausal Raj Mishra


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