Knowledge Management and Employee Turnover of Software Companies in Nepal

Prof. Dr. Mahananda Chalise*


The purpose of this research is to examine the relationship between Knowledge Management and employee turnover of software companies in Nepal. Based on relevant theory, factors were analyzed to know the status of knowledge management implementation in software companies of Nepal. The study examined mainly four factors; Knowledge management techniques, Knowledge management mechanisms, Technological tools and supportive management measures used to overcome the employee turnover in the technology companies.

The conducted research is quantitative in nature, self-administered questionnaires were distributed over the internet. The collected data were pre-processed, and analysis was done to find out the factors that were involved. In analysis part, descriptive analysis and inferential analysis were done. Similarly, the explorative form of research was also conducted to assess the implementation and use of Knowledge Management by the technology companies of Nepal.

The findings of the study suggest that Knowledge Management, Technology tools and Supportive management measures are positively and significantly related with Employee turnover in the tech companies of Nepal. Among the factors, use of knowledge management techniques and use of technological tools have been found out to be the most significant factor that impact the employee turnover faced by companies in Nepal. Though the findings are based on a small sample of 95 respondents who are working technology professionals in Nepal from over 35 companies, it provides useful insight on the role of the Knowledge management on the technological industry of Nepal.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Information Technology, Employee Turnover, Management Support



* Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University, Email: [email protected]

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