About Conference

Boston Research Department (B-RD) is delighted to have an open platform where interested candidates can exchange their research ideas from personal to commercial at a national level. We gain insight from not only the participants from different places in Nepal but also from individuals presenting papers outside our own research domains.

It is a proud moment for the Boston Research Department that a number of papers had joined us, felt engaged, ready to search, and eager to learn further for the neck-to-neck competition for maintaining high standards of the conference as well as the individuals.Β 

Boston International college as well as Boston Research Department (B-RD) is indebted to the entire conference management team, reviewers, research lab, faculties, and students for their important role. We will always adore the entire and individual contribution.


Objectives Of the Conference

  • To provide the opportunity to develop a greater appreciation to gain fresh insights into current trends and thinking.
  • To encourage visitors for constructive questions and make contributions that add value not only to the papers being presented but to the conference.
  • To acquire much reflection in the contemporary research areas.