BBA Curriculum Structure

Semester I

Course Description Credit Hours
English 3
Business Mathematics I 3
Financial Accounting I 3
Principles of Management 3
Computer and IT Applications 3

Semester II

Course Description Credit Hours
English II 3
Business Mathematics II 3
Financial Accounting II 3
General Psychology 3
Introductory Microeconomics 3

Semester III

Course Description Credit Hours
Business Communication I 3
Business Statistics 3
Essentials of Finance 3
Fundamentals of Sociology 3
Introductory Macroeconomics 3

Semester IV

Course Description Credit Hours
Business Communication II 3
Data Analysis and Modeling 3
Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour 3
Principles of Marketing 3
Financial Management 3

Semester V

Course Description Credit Hours
Basics of Managerial Accounting 3
Business Research Methods 3
Management of Human Resources 3
Fundamentals of Operations Management 3
Concentration I 3

Semester VI

Course Description Credit Hours
Introduction to Management Information Systems 3
Legal Aspects of Business and Technology 3
Business and Society 3
Project Work 3
Concentration II 3

Semester VII

Course Description Credit Hours
Business Environment in Nepal 3
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 3
Internship 3
Elective I 3
Concentration III 3

Semester VIII

Course Description Credit Hours
Strategic Management 3
Introduction to International Business 3
Essentials of e-Business 3
Elective II 3
Concentration IV 3



Course Description Credit Hours
Sales Management 3
Consumer Behaviour 3
Advertising and sales Promotion 3
Services Marketing 3
Retail Marketing 3
Foreign Trade Management 3


Course Description Credit Hours
Corporate Finance 3
Microfinance 3
Investment Management 3
Bank Operations and Management 3
Risk Management and Insurance 3
Fundamentals of Financial Derivatives 3
Financial Institutions and Markets 3


Course Description Credit Hours
Advanced Management Accounting 3
Accounting Information System 3
Auditing 3
Taxation 3
Accounting Reports and Financial Statement Analysis 3
Special Topics in Accounting 3

Human Resource

Course Description Credit Hours
Labour-Management Relations 3
Contemporary Issues in HRM 3
Compensation and Benefits Management 3
Negotiation and Conflict Management 3
Performance Appraisal 3
Human Resource Development 3

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Course Description Credit Hours
Small Business Entrepreneurship 3
Small Business Finance 3
Rural Marketing 3
Retail Management 3
Social Entrepreneurship 3
Venture Ideas and Models 3


Elective Subjects

Course Description Credit Hours
Society and Politics 3
Econometrics 3
Environment and Ecology 3
Media and Public Relations 3
Energy and Sustainable Development 3
Technology for Development 3
Population Dynamics and Development Challenges 3
Creative Thinking and Problem Solving 3

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