Project and Internship

Summer Project and Internship Requirement

Students are required to enroll in five courses every semester and engage in business internship once in the seventh semester for BBA and sixth semester for BBA-BI. The students are also required to accomplish a project work between the fifth and sixth semester. Each course has a minimum of about 48 credit hours divided into 32 sessions of one and a half hour each or 48 sessions of one hour each depending upon the needs and requirements of the course.

Project Work

Students are required to undertake an independent summer project assignment. This project is undertaken during the sixth semester for BBA fifth semester for BBA-BI, and minor project in fourth and sixth semester along with major project in eighth semester for BCIS. The project work involves field work and empirical analysis of the information collected from the field. The students are required to prepare a project report in a prescribed format. The objective of the project work is to develop students’ skill in research, particularly in areas of data collection, processing, analysis, and report writing. The evaluation of the project shall be external.


The BBA BBA-BI and BCIS internship is an integral part of the program. Its objective is to serve as a meaningful practical supplement to classroom instruction. Spread over a period of eight to ten weeks, internship is a valuable form of professional training in real organizational selling. It provides the students with the opportunity to test their career interest, gain practical knowledge experience and develop networking. So, BIC provides the internship to the students on the basis of their interest and intended area of concentration like banks, corporate houses, finance, industries and IT industries. After the internship, a student must obtain pass grade and failure to obtain so calls for a retake of the internship program. And, the students must submit the report of internship to the college and the university, and also present the report to the faculty and students. The students are required to undertake this internship during the sixth or seventh semester.