What is an elective?

An elective is any three (3) credit course offered by Pokhara University.

Is there a time limit to complete the degree?

Yes. You must complete your program within four/eight years of first being admitted.

Will I be able to go on to grad school (Master’s, PhD) after completing the BCIS?

The BCIS is a full Bachelor’s degree and as such would allow a student to go on to
graduate studies.

Can I get a scholarship?

The university provides scholarships for applicants. Please, refer to the website of Pokhara University (www.pu.edu.np). The college also provides scholarships on the basis of merit to all the students.

Will someone help me decide what classes to take in the BCIS program?

The BCIS program coordinator will work with you as your advisor.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 48 students.

Who teaches the courses in the program?

All faculty who teach, hold terminal degrees in their field, and industry experience in their field.

How many credit hours are required to complete the BCIS?

You can complete your BCIS degree in 126 Credit hours. In addition, Non-Credit, industry-ready courses are also given to students.

What is the selection procedure for the program?

The selection is done based on an entrance test set by the college and the interview. The entrance test will have 100 objective questions and an essay writing question. The objective questions evaluate qualitative aptitude, quantitative aptitude, critical reasoning ability, and Business & General Awareness. After you get the required score in the entrance test, you will be called for an interview with your parents/guardians.

What is the duration and structure of the program?

The BCIS program is a four-year full-time program that consists of eight semesters. The course curriculum has been designed in consultation with our industry partners who are also our knowledge partners. The classroom activities are supplemented by guest lectures by specialists, industrial visits, summer & winter training projects, and other assignments.

Other co‐curricular activities include  Boston Fiesta, Boston Endeavor, Sports Week, Acoustic Evening, etc. The aim is to ensure the overall development of the students by building interaction between academia and industry.