Faculty Members

The motivating and homely environment of Boston International College has attracted the best knowledge workers, practitioner and leaders in the town and country as its faculty who are dedicated to carter the global standard education at hometown.

S.NFaculty NameAchievements
1Mr. Aakash PoudelMBS- Finance, TU
Financial Management
Financial Accounting
2Mr. Ananta Raj DhunganaM Phil, Education Leadership
Kathmandu University
Research Methodology, Human Resource Management
3Dr. Angad GuptaPhD, English
Logic, Business English
4Mr. Anup JoshiMBS
Service Marketing, Finance I
5Mr. Basanta Raj LamichhaneM.Ed. Mathematic, T.U.
Business Mathematics I
6Mr. Bharat ChaliseMBA, Apex College
Pokhara University
Service Marketing, Sales Management
7Mr. Bhim Raj SapkotaM Sc, Mathematics , Tribhuvan University
Business Mathematics
8Mr. Bimal Raj PathakBHTM-HND
International Hotel Business and Tourism
Management School, Isle of Man UK
MBA, Bradford University School of Management, Yorkshire, UK
Strategic Management International
9Mr.Bimal SapkotaMBA, Apex College
Pokhara University
Logistics and supply chain management
10Mr. Binod AdhikariMCA- Igno University, India
MBS- Marketing, T.U.
Computer and IT Application
11Mr. Chiranjeevi PoudelMsc. Statistics, TU
Business Mathematics I
12Mr. Dinesh NeupaneMA, English TU
English I
13Mr. Gopal Prasad ParajuliMBA, Tribhuvan University
Financial Accounting, Management Accounting
14Mr. Govinda Prasad DhunganaM.Sc, Statistics, Tribhuvan University
Statistician, Chitwan Medical College
Data Analysis and Modeling, Operation Management
15Mr. Govinda Prasad ParajuliM Ed, Psychology, Tribhuvan University
16Mr. G.S. GuptaMSC, Soviet University Merrut, India
Management Information System, E-Commerce, Computer and IT Application.
17Dr. Hari KandelPhd Agro- Economics, Singhaniya University, India
International Business
18Mr. Iswor Bikal SapkotaMBA, Sikkim Manipal University
Service Marketing, Sales Management, Life and Health Insurance, Property and Liability Insurance
Full Time Faculty
Head- CSR and ECA
19Mr. Kapil SubediM Phil, Management, Tribhuvan University
PhD (in progress) Associate Professor
Research Methodology, Trade Finance, Strategic Management
20Mr. Krishna Prasad SharmaBranch Manager, Kumari Bank Ltd, Narayanghat, Chitwnan
Money Banking and Insurance, Credit Risk Management, Issues in Banking and Finance
21Mr. Madhav AdhikariM Sc, Statistics, TU, Gold Medalist
Business Statistics, Data Analysis and Modeling
22Mr. Matrika PoudyalSenior Lecturer (Full time)
M Phil in English, Pokhara University
MA in English, Tribhuvan University
PhD (in progress)
Business Communication, English I, English II
23Mr. Mohit Singh ThagunnaProgram Coordinator
Apex College, Pokhara University
Finance I, Finance II, Portfolio Management and Investment Analysis, Seminar in Working Capital Management, Internship
24Murali LamsalMBA , Tribhuvan University
Regional Manager, Everest Insurance Co. Ltd.
Life and Health Insurance, Risk, Risk Management and Insurance
Property, Liability and Pecuniary Loss Insurance
25Mr. Nabin Kumar ShresthaMCA, India
Programming Language, Computer Applications
26Mr. Narayan RegmiMA, Economics
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics
27Mr. Naveen KunwarMBA, Pokhara University
Credit Manager, Himalayan Bank Ltd, Narayangarh
Commercial Bank Management, Financial Institution and Market
28Ms. Neena ShresthaMBA, Pokhara University
Officer, Nepal Bank Ltd, Narayangarh
Principles of Management, Seminar in e-Banking and Insurance, Summer Project
29Mr. Nirmal Kumar SharmaAssociate Professor
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics
30Mr. Padam Lal BharatiM Phil
Fundamental of Logic
31Mr. Post Raj PokhrelM Phil, Management, Tribhuvan University
Human Resource and Finance Manager, Time Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
International Finance, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management
32Mr. Pramod AcharyaMBA, India
Asst. Manager, Nepal Bank Ltd., Narayangarh
International Finance, Commercial Bank Management, Treasury Management
33Mr. Puspa Raj AdhikariMBA, Saint Louis University, Philippines
Head, Examination
Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Summer Project, Internship
34Associate Prof. Ramakant SapkotaM. Ed., Educational Planning and Management
Former Advisor of Ministry of Education
35Mr. Rudra ChaliseM Sc, Mathematics, Tribhuvan University
Mathematics I, Mathematics II
36Mr. Santosh SigdelM.Phil in English Literature (TU)
M.A (TU)
English for Specific Purpose (ESP) : University of Oregon, USA
Full Time Faculty
37Mr. Sagar ShresthaPGDM, Pune, India
Relationship Manager, Sunrise Bank Limited, Narayangarh
Organizational Relations
38Mr. Sandeep BarakotiBranch Manager
Tourism Dev. Bank Ltd., Narayangharh, Chitwan
Treasury Management
39Mr. Shankar GhimireMCA, India
Management Information System, Financial Information System
40Mr. Som Nath SigdelMBA, Pokhara University
Finance II, Credit Risk Management
41Ms. Sookti TankalaMBA, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, USA
BE, Jawaharlal Technical University, India
Principles of Management, Strategic Management, International Business, Summer Project
Business Plan
42Mr. Sudeep WagleMBS, Tribhuvan University
Finance II, Trade Finance, Investment Decisions
43Mr. Sundar PanthiMBS, TU
Manager, Nepal Bank Ltd., Narayangarh
International Banking System
44Mr. Suraj ChaudharyMasters in Philosophy, USA
Sociology, Psychology
45Mr. Uddhav SigdelMBA
Apex College,Pokhara University
Operation In-charge, Citizen Bank Limited, Narayangarh
Marketing Communication, Sales Management, Principles Of Marketing
46Dr. Vijaya Lal PradhanPh.D, Pacific Academy of Higher Education & Research University, Udaipur, India
M.Sc, Statistics (TU)
Operation Management, Data Analysis and Modeling
47Mr. Viman KarkiChartered Accountant
Management Accounting, Financial Information System, Business Law