BCCP Training Models

Students of different semesters are going to be benefited from following management soft skills training sessions

SemestersBCCP Training Topics
1st1. Career strategy
2. Social Skills and extrovert skills
2nd1. Leadership and Follower-ship
2. Creativity and 4 types of brain dominance
3rd1. Communication for winners
2. Team building skills
4th1. Self-motivation
2. Salesmanship and push marketing
5th1. Corporate Personality development
2. Critical thinking and the art of questioning
6th1. Customer service and dealing with difficult customers
2. Decision-making 6 step formula
3. Negotiation skills 5 step formula
7th1. Interview and CV writing skills
2. Advanced Excel
3. Credit Sales Management and Recovery
8th1. Art of success part 1 : Strategic Planning for Graduates after Graduation
2. Art of success part 2 : How to start your first Successful Company
3. Art of success part 3 : Promoting yourself to the top
4. Art of success part 4 : Dreaming and making dreams true